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Hi~ This is the publish site for my apps on BlackBerry 10 / Win32 / UWP, please feel free to submit issues / fork my sources etc.

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apps, libs, docs

This section includes apps & libs I’ve built.

Platform Apps
Windows Desktop and UWP Windows apps, e.g. ffmpeg tool, and exif watermarker etc.
BlackBerry 10 Apps that run on BlackBerry 10 Platform, includes 2048, MusicBox, One 3.0, Moment, PaperBird Browser etc.
BlackBerry playbook Apps that run on Playbook, really old.


Docuemnt Brief
Fix Android Captive Portal Issue Stock android devices will display a “!” on wifi icon, because google is inaccessable from China mainland. This will solve it.
MusicBox for BlackBerry 10 Keygen A simple tool to generate keys for MusicBox. This is useless now because MusicBox is now a Free app.
Cross-compile for BlackBerry 10 A Guide to crosscompile libs for BlackBerry 10 platform.

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